Friday Fun!

For the second installment of the "Friday Fun" contest, send me your best caption for this 1967 Fanta ad from Norway.

Fanta_friday_fun_for_sept_12_08_2This cartoon character was actually used in Fanta ads around the world -- from Cambodia and New Zealand to Mexico and in almost every country in Europe. I picked this ad in particular because I thought the unicycle might give you some great ideas!

The game: Write a funny, clever, amusing caption for this ad and send it to me in the comments section.

What's in it for you: I'll pick a winning caption and announce it on Thursday, September 18. The winner gets the glory of the win, but also gets a Coca-Cola prize. (As I've mentioned, the prize is NOT a Coke piece from the Archives!)

You can check out last week's caption contest in the Friday Fun section.

I look forward to reading your jokes about our Fanta guy!

NOTE: You can see the winning caption here.