Friday Fun!

For this week’s Friday Fun contest, send me your best caption for this photo of an otter using a Coke bottle to open shellfish.

I’ve mentioned a few times how durable glass Coca-Cola bottles are, and here’s proof!

The game: Send me a funny, clever and/or amusing caption for this photo. (I’ve already used the “otter be” pun, but you’re welcome to include it too!)

Otter_with_a_coke_bottle_2The prize: I’ll pick my favorite and announce the winner on Thursday. The writer of the winning caption will receive a prize from our “goodie closet.”

This photo came from Ben of Huntington Beach, California. He and his wife were at a conference in Monterey, CA, and took a break to go down to the pier there. Ben had seen some California sea otters and was hoping for some good photos.

Ben said it’s not unusual to see an otter breaking shellfish on a rock upon its belly, but didn’t expect to see the otter use a Coke bottle! While I hate to see any of our bottles end up in the water, I’m glad this one was put to good use!

Do you have a great Coke photo to share? I can’t offer you compensation, and we can’t use the photo in advertising, but if you’d like to share the photo with others, please send it to me at Your photo may be the subject of a future Friday Fun post!

(The email is for photos, but use the comments area below for the captions!)

See the winning caption.