Friday Fun!

Today I’m starting a new feature on the blog -- a new way to take a Coke break on Fridays.

Coke_caption_contest_sept_5_08The game: Write a caption for this 1968 photograph, somehow relating it to Coca-Cola, one of our drinks or our Company. I'll pick a winner and announce it Thursday.

The prize: Something from my "goodie closet." That -- of course -- does NOT mean the Coke Archives! But there is a prize, and of course you'll have the glory of having the winning Coke caption!

And by the way, your caption doesn't have to relate to this, but the photo is for the introduction of Fresca (called Freskyta) in Argentina in 1968. The campaign centered around the idea that Fresca was so refreshing and cool that it was like a blizzard. I honestly can't say what that big ball is, though!

Write me a comment with your best caption. And look for other "Friday Fun" opportunities in the coming weeks. You, too, could win a Coke prize!

NOTE: See the winning caption here.