You may have recently read our post about the gigantic Coca-cola contour bottle at Turner Field in Atlanta that is making way for a new high tech bottle to be unveiled on July 16th. We were able to get a sneak peek at the construction of the new 49-foot tall Coca-Cola Sky Field Bottle that is replacing the bottle that stood for 12 years in left field. The new bottle is traced with 15 vertical ribs comprised of 9,000 single LED lights, each capable of producing up to 16.7 million different colors. The bottle's label is comprised of a high-resolution, changeable screen that's made up of 96,000 pixels, and best of all - the bottle will still have the capability to shoot fireworks after every Braves home run. Be sure to watch out for the unveiling of this bottle on July 16th, and in the meantime, check out this fast-motion video of the construction crew putting the cap on the bottle - literally!