Obsessed with the undead? Whether you want to be a zombie yourself, or just practice your post-apocalyptic survival skills, you should check out one of these zombie walks, runs or festivals near you. If you’ve missed the one in your town for 2014, start planning for 2015.

1. Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse

Where: Atlanta, Ga.
When: Weekend nights for the month of October
It only makes sense that the city where The Walking Dead is filmed would put on a zombie production to end all zombie productions. The Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse is like a big movie set— where you are a survivor trying to outrun the undead. For the entire month of October, you can participate in this heart-racing escapade, armed with just a paintball gun and your best zombie-fleeing tactics. Tickets for the annual event are $25— nightmares are free. For more information go to: Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse

2. San Francisco Zombie Walk

Where: San Francisco, Calif.
When: Oct. 25, 2014
Think you can lug and lurch your way down the street for 2.5 miles? Come give it your best shot at the San Francisco Zombie Walk on Oct. 25 at the Jane Warner Plaza. Admission is free, but organizers request you bring a few canned goods for the Marin Food Bank. For more information go to: San Francisco Zombie Walk

3. The Zombie Run

Where: Nationwide
When: Year-Round
Your mission, should you choose to accept it: run for your life. There are Zombie Runs in many cities around the country but, for example, the Zombie Run in Denver is a 5K obstacle course, where human participants are provided a belt and three “life” flags. Zombies on the course will try to take these flags from you. Can you make it to the end with at least one of your flags? Upcoming runs include: Boston Mass. on Oct. 18, New York City on Oct. 25, San Antonio, TX on Nov. 1, Phoenix, Ariz. on Nov. 8, and Temecula, Calif. on Nov. 15. For more information go to: The Zombie Run

4. Chicago Zombie March

Where: Chicago, Ill.
When: This year it was on June 21, 2014, check the website for 2015 dates.
Halloween isn’t the only season for zombies. Every summer since 2007, Chi-town has hosted the Chicago Zombie March. Professional make-up artists are on hand at Millennium Park to make you as undead as possible, and the march concludes at the local news station, just in time for the 5 o’clock roundup. Organizers just have one request: don’t smear/spill blood on sidewalks or store windows. Respectful zombies only, please. For more information go to: Chicago Zombie March

5. Philly Zombie Prom

Where: Philadelphia, Penn.
When: This year it was on September 27, 2014, check the website for 2015 dates.
Why? Because zombies like to boogie, too. And since 2006, Philadelphia has been inviting its zombie enthusiasts to do just that. The Philly Zombie Prom offers professional make-up artists, live DJS and even a crowning of a zombie king and queen for the evening. Advance tickets are $11 and you have plenty of time to brush-up on your undead dance moves — the event takes place every September. For more information go to: Philly Zombie Prom

6. New Jersey Zombie Walk

Where: Asbury Park, N.J. 
When: This year it was on Oct. 4, 2014, check the website for 2015 dates.
Currently the world record holder for the largest gathering of zombies (9,592 on Oct. 5, 2013), the New Jersey Zombie Walk encourages the undead to gather at the Jersey Shore (where else?) and shrug, lurch and drag their way onto the boardwalk. This year, the walk on October 4th raised more than $3,000 for Camp Jinka, a free summer program for children and teenagers whose lives have been affected by brain cancer. Other attractions include a Haunted Hall and a blood red fireworks show to cap off the event. For more information go to: New Jersey Zombie Walk

7. Pittsburgh Zombie Fest

Where: Pittsburgh, Penn. 
When: This year it was on Oct. 11, 2014, check the website for 2015 dates.
In October every year, thousands of zombies convene at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center for an all-day zombie extravaganza, including food, music and —new for this year — a zombie dance-off. Participants bring non-perishable donations (read: no brains, please) for the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank. For more information go to: Pittsburgh Zombie Fest