PlantBottle Pendulum Wave

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#PlantBottle Pendulum Waves -- eight swinging bottles create mesmerizing patterns! Can you see how there are three waves moving through each other? Then it changes to two waves, then back to three, and finally, it comes back to one single wave. See bottles differently: What's going on? These eight simple pendulums, each slightly longer than the next, all start swinging together. But because they are different lengths, they swing at different rates. So after a few seconds, what starts as one wave starts to look like chaos. But as they continue to swing, different pendulums synchronize with each other. How does it work? The shorter the pendulum, the faster it swings. These wave patterns emerge because the lengths of these eight pendulums are set to swing at precise rates. It's not too difficult to build your own Pendulum Wave, but it takes a lot of patience to adjust the lengths of the pendulums to exactly the right lengths. Credits: Pendulum Wave by EepyBird: Music by ThinkFishTank: Read More

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