We Are The Coca-Cola Company (:60) | #CocaColaRenew

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We are Coca-Cola, and so much more. We're an organic tea company. A coconut water company. A water company working to replenish every drop we use through our efforts, combined with charitable grants from The Coca-Cola Foundation, to support conservation and restoration projects across every corner of the country. Because, chances are, we're in that corner too. To shift things today, companies need to lead. So we're trying to do just that. Thank you for listening - we are listening too. Learn more about #CocaColaRenew: http://CokeURL.com/xk73w SUBSCRIBE TO THE COCA-COLA COMPANY ON YOUTUBE: http://CokeURL.com/bpfz9 Follow The Coca-Cola Company on FACEBOOK: http://CokeURL.com/vhydm Follow The Coca-Cola Company on TWITTER: http://CokeURL.com/xdhtk Follow The Coca-Cola Company on INSTAGRAM: http://CokeURL.com/y5r5f Read More

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