Coca-Cola, the brand and the Company, has grown from one iconic drink to more than 500 brands and 3,600 different offerings globally. We have built this portfolio of brands by understanding the consumer.

In 2013, we committed to support physical activity programs around the globe, while continuing to invest in scientific research on the role of physical activity in human health. We believed that was the best way for us to help advance the fight against obesity.

As the largest non-alcoholic beverage company, we naturally wanted to be part of this discussion and believed that using science-based knowledge to better inform the debate about obesity was the best approach to being a valuable partner in finding a solution. While well-intended, our focus on scientific research and physical activity created confusion that ultimately led to mistrust.

In the spirit of transparency, we have publicly disclosed our financial support of scientific research and community programming over the last five years and we have committed to update that disclosure in the United States every six months. Additionally, we have sunset our support of the Beverage Institute of Health and Wellness.

We are focused on the way forward and evaluating our approach to obesity. Right now, we are listening and learning from leading experts in the public health community to identify where we can be a more helpful and credible partner. We are taking a deeper look at our operations and processes to identify areas where we must adapt and evolve. This includes our support of some programs, such as the Beverage Institute of Health and Wellness, as we shift to refocus our investments and our efforts on strengthening our communities.