Supplier Guiding Principles | The Coca-Cola Company

Our responsibility does not end at the company gate. We expect our suppliers and system partners to embrace responsible workplace practices and uphold the principles of our Human Rights Policy. We communicate these expectations through our Supplier Guiding Principles (SGP).

The SGP are aligned with our Human Rights Policy and are a part of all contractual agreements between The Coca-Cola Company and our direct and authorized suppliers. We expect our suppliers to develop and implement appropriate internal business processes in compliance with the SGP.

Key SGP topics include:

  1. Freedom of association and collective bargaining
  2. Prohibit child labor
  3. Prohibit forced labor and abuse of labor
  4. Eliminate discrimination
  5. Work hours and wages
  6. Provide a safe and healthy workplace
  7. Protect the environment
  8. Business integrity
  9. Grievance procedure and remedy
  10. Management systems for ensuring lawful compliance and respect for all human rights

We closely monitor the implementation of our Supplier Guiding Principles by utilizing independent third parties to assess supplier and bottler compliance. We partner with a select number of accredited audit firms and conduct training on a regular basis to ensure they understand and align to our program requirements. The Company supports the efforts of the Association of Professional Social Compliance Auditors (APSCA) to ensure a common accreditation for auditors and audit firms. Currently, all of our preferred audit firms are involved in APSCA. Our goal for 2020 is 98% compliance of bottling partners and 95% compliance of direct and authorized suppliers with the SGPs. Progress against these goals can be found in our Sustainability Report.

Our program is always evolving as we continue to learn and address new challenges. We regularly benchmark against industry standards and consult stakeholders to improve our program. As such, the Supplier Guiding Principles are reviewed and updated as needed. We anticipate the next update to be rolled out in 2021-2022.


Reference Documents

Supplier Guiding Principles

Click here to download the Supplier Guiding Principles in English.

Click here to download the Supplier Guiding Principles in another language.


Implementation Guides

Click here to download the SGP Implementation Guide in English.

Click here to download the SGP Implementation Guide in another language.


Guidance Documents

We have found that expanded guidance on specific topics is helpful to support our supplier partners in upholding the values outlined in the Supplier Guiding Principles. The Issue Guidance document provides additional guidance on challenging issues, such as Land Rights, HIV/AIDs and Pregnancy Testing and Migrant Worker Recruitment and Employment practices. The intent is to provide background information on the issue as well as expectations to comply with SGP. 

Click here to view and download the Guidance Documents.


Human Rights Self-Assessment Checklists

The Coca-Cola Company has developed a number of human rights due diligence resources and tools to address impacts that, experience has shown, may be present in the value chain. The self-assessment checklists included here assist with awareness and early issue identification. By conducting such assessments at the outset, with periodic follow-ups, we can identify and mitigate human rights risks. If an issue is identified, community engagement is expected to be at the heart of any mitigation strategy. These self-assessment tools are only one piece of the Company’s ongoing Human Rights due diligence process. 

Click here to view and download the Human Rights Self-Assessment Checklists.