A woman in a blue wheelchair and a man review an electronic tablet

People with disabilities and diverse wellness needs are important to our workforce.

We ensure we have accessible workplaces and support our employees to be their best selves. Our intention is to recognize and bring awareness to the full spectrum of different abilities and wellness needs, to ensure we are inclusive beyond the "traditional" definition of disability.

Culture of Inclusion

By elevating disability awareness and inclusion, we are creating an environment and culture where all employees can thrive.

Our Journey & Partnerships

Our partner, Disability IN, has ranked us in the 90th percentile for disability inclusion. We are committed to focusing our global community by fully integrating our Ability and Wellness priorities across our entire operation. To do that, we have partnered with the following organizations: Valuable 500, Disability IN, PurpleSpace and Business for Disability Forum.

A man in a wheelchair smiles as he works from a laptop

Our People

Our company has several global, employee-led inclusion networks, three of which focus on ability and wellness. These groups serve as an advocate for an inspiring and inclusive culture. Each group’s strategic priorities include bringing awareness to the value of diversity, equity, and inclusion as it relates to people across the organization and our overall mission.

Accessibility Toolkit

An accessible workplace means not only physical accessibility but also digital accessibility, so that information and communication technology is accessible to all our employees. There are no limits to what people can achieve and we’ve developed a toolkit to support accessibility.

  • Vision: Tools for people who are blind, color blind, or have low vision.
  • Hearing: For those who are hard of hearing, have hearing loss, or have deafness, we provide solutions including closed captioning, mono sound and live call transcription. 
  • Neurodivergence: Innovative tools such as dictation and Windows Hello sign-in can make the digital world more accessible for those who live with dyslexia, seizures, autism or other cognitive differences. 
  • Mental Health: We provide assistive technologies that help with distraction, reading and concentration for people living with bipolar disorder, anxiety, PTSD or depression. 

Language: As a global company, we span across many countries and numerous languages. Language assistance and translation technologies enable us to work in our preferred languages. 

If you are an individual with a disability and need a reasonable accommodation to assist with your job search or application for employment, please click here.