The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) is committed to the responsible marketing of our products. TCCC has a history of aligning its commercial practices with our sustainability goals, our business goals and our values. Our Responsible Marketing Policy clearly states that we will respect the role of parents and caregivers by not marketing directly to children under 12. Specifically, this means we will not advertise in:

  • All media which directly targets children under 12, including shows, print media, websites, social media, movies and SMS/email marketing.
  • We define media that directly targets children under 12 as media in which 35% or more of the audience is composed of children under 12, where this information is possible to obtain.

We will not design our marketing communications in a way that directly appeals to children under 12. Specifically, we will not use, in any communications created after the date of adoption of this policy:

  • Celebrities, social influencers or characters whose primary appeal is to children under 12, with the exception of brand equity characters already in use.
  • Movie tie-ins related to movies that primarily appeal to children under 12.
  • Games, video games or contests designed to appeal primarily to children under 12.
  • Licensed merchandise whose primary appeal is to children under 12.
  • Images of our products being consumed by children under 12 without an adult present. We will not feature any children who are, or appear to be, under 3.
  • Branded sponsorships of sporting and entertainment events which primarily target children under 12.

The Coca-Cola Company’s approach to marketing is consistent with the International Chamber of Commerce Marketing & Advertising Code and its Framework for Responsible Food and Beverage Marketing Communication. We support these guiding principles across all our marketing communications for all ages.

As a global business, we believe in commercial free schools. We will not commercially advertise in primary schools. The following are incorporated by reference and made part of this policy:

Our system supports education programs for children under 12 in local communities throughout the world. Any brand presence in programs for children will simply indicate and recognize funding support/sponsorship and will not be for the purpose of advertising.

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