As we work to understand the role our drinks play in people’s diets, we work with third-party experts and fund research projects that are furthering that knowledge. We agree that research transparency and integrity are important. That’s why, since 2016, The Coca-Cola Company has not independently funded research on issues related to health and wellbeing in keeping with our research guiding principles that have been posted publicly on our site since that time.

We adopted these guidelines to address questions that can arise when we are the sole funder of this type of research. Additionally, a list of health and wellbeing research funded by The Coca-Cola Company dating back to 2010 has been disclosed on our transparency website. Research funded by The Coca-Cola Company and disclosed on our site is expected to be conducted in accordance with our publicly-stated approach to funding scientific research, including the fact that we do not have the right to prevent to publication of research results, nor do we provide funding conditioned on the outcome of the research.


Our Approach to Funding Scientific Research:

For all health and wellbeing research funding disclosed, the researchers:

  • Are expected to conduct research that is factual, transparent and designed objectively;
  • Are expected to generate an appropriately phrased hypothesis and to conduct research that will answer the relevant questions, rather than favor a particular outcome;
  • Have full control of the study design, execution and the collection, analysis and interpretation of the data;
  • Are encouraged to publish; and
  • Are expected to disclose their funding sources in all publications and public presentations of the data. In no event does The Coca-Cola Company have the right to prevent the publication of research results. Nor does The Coca-Cola Company provide funding conditioned on theoutcome of the research.

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