Employee Groups

Employees' voices are critical to our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion advancement.

Our Inclusion Networks are an integral part of the diversity, equity and inclusion strategy for The Coca‑Cola Company. They are employee-led, company-recognized networks formed to act as a resource to both employees and the organization. They are regionally structured, globally connected groups of employees with common interests or backgrounds who wish to create a better shared future for people everywhere.

These networks are recognized as valued voices in our efforts to enhance cultural sensitivity and awareness, in addition to supporting business-related diversity initiatives. We support these networks as they operate with passion and serve as a strong catalyst for:

  • A sense of affinity, allyship, community and celebration that enhances our ability to recruit, retain, engage and develop diverse talent  
  • Enabling the voice of diverse communities to be heard both within the company and across the Coca‑Cola system, and highlighting social and societal issues that affect those communities 
  • A diverse sounding board for business strategies and initiatives, capturing input on potential actions through the lens of inclusion 

The groups outlined below are U.S.-based, and many of them have membership from around the world. Other regions will have their own unique Inclusion Networks based on their business and employees’ respective

U.S. Based Inclusion Networks

Asian Inclusion Network

The Asian Pacific Inclusion Network grows, inspires and influences the Coca‑Cola business, our associates and the community through innovative leadership, knowledge-sharing and leadership development. 

The Coca-Cola Company Asian Pacific Inclusion Network black and white logo

Black Employee Network

The Black Employee Network provides opportunities for personal and professional growth for all associates through the execution of learning forums, development workshops and events that build cultural competency to encourage associates to bring their authentic self to work.

Black Employee Network BRG logo

Hispanic + Leadership Inclusion Network

The Hispanic + Leadership Inclusion Network enables The Coca‑Cola Company to capture business opportunities and accelerate growth in the U.S. Hispanic market by recruiting, retaining and developing the best Hispanic talent and by sharing Hispanic culture and insights across the organization.


The Coca-Cola Comapny Hispanic Leadership Inclusion Netlork black and white logo

KO-Gen Inclusion Network

The KO-Gen Inclusion Network brings Coca‑Cola professionals of all generations together to mutually advance each other’s careers and drive growth and success.

The Coca-Cola Company KO-GEN Inclusion Network black and white logo

LGBTQ + Allies Inclusion Network

The LGBTQ + Allies Inclusion Network fosters an equitable, inclusive and engaging work environment where LGBTQ + Allies employees are valued for their contributions to the business and are free to participate fully without fear of reprisal or discrimination of any kind.

The Coca-Cola Company LGBTQ+Allies Inclusion Network Black and white logo

Military Veterans Inclusion Network

The Military Veterans Inclusion Network connects veterans, their family members and military supporters to help veterans succeed in the workplace, while continuing the mission of service to others by assisting external veterans and the local community. 


The Coca-Cola Company Military Veterans Inclusion Network Black and white logo

This-Ability Inclusion Network

The This-Ability Inclusion Network serves as a thought leader on the area of disabilities insights and an advocate for a winning and inclusive culture, where inclusion is prioritized and diversity is respected both inside the company and in the markets we serve.


The Coca-Cola Company This Ability Inclusion Network logo balck and white

Women's LINC Inclusion Network

The women's LINC Inclusion Network helps to advance women in their career and contribute to the business through peer-to-peer counseling and resources, trainings, inspiring talks and more.


The Coca-Cola women's LINC Inclusion Network

Business Forums

Business forums provide networking, volunteerism and professional development opportunities focused on specific industries/skillsets. Three of Coca‑Cola's Business Forums are Coca‑Cola Administrative Professionals (CCAP), Coca‑Cola Technology Association of Georgia (TAG) and Coca‑Cola Women in STEM (CWIS).

Coca‑Cola Administrative Professionals (CCAP)

CCAP's mission is to deliver added value to The Coca‑Cola Company and its employees by providing office and business support excellence. We achieve this level of excellence through professional development opportunities; networking and sharing best practices; and fostering a sense of community—all in support of the company’s business strategies.

The Coca-Cola Company Administrative Professionals logo

Coca‑Cola Technology ​​​​​​​Association of Georgia (TAG)

TAG’s mission is to educate, promote, influence, and unite Georgia’s technology community to foster an innovative and connected marketplace that stimulates and enhances Georgia’s tech-based economy. Coca‑Cola employees have access to TAG’s many benefits, such as connecting to the 35,000+ members in the TAG community and growing their skills in TAG workshops.

The Coca-Cola Company TAG Technology Associantion of Georgia

Coca‑Cola Women in STEM (CWIS)

The mission of CWIS is to contribute to the talent pipeline at The Coca‑Cola Company by raising awareness of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) opportunities and by empowering, educating and inspiring women to excel in leadership under the STEM umbrella.

The Coca-Cola Women in STEM logo

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