Sports & Entertainment

Sport & Entertainment partnerships are part of the DNA of The Coca‑Cola Company​

In 1900, Coca‑Cola signed its first celebrity endorsement - the light opera & dance hall singer, Hilda Clark. Continuing the celebrity musical connection that has become so important to Coca‑Cola’s communication, the Metropolitan Opera diva Lillian Nordica appeared in Coca‑Cola’s first national magazine ad in 1905.​

Longest standing partner of the Olympic Games

Starting with the 1928 Olympic Games in Amsterdam, Coca‑Cola has partnered on every event since, helping to bring the Olympic spirit to athletes, officials and fans around the world.

Coca-Cola and Olympics Worldwide Partner logo

Proudly supporting the Paralympic Games

The Paralympic Games are the third largest sporting event in the world. Through our expanded relationship with the International Paralympic Committee, The Coca‑Cola Company continues supporting these elite athletes.

Coca-Cola and Paralympics logo

Promoting inclusivity and diversity through unique partnerships

Coca‑Cola has been a founding partner of Special Olympics since 1968. Through its consistent and global support of Special Olympics, Coca‑Cola has fostered acceptance and inclusion for millions of athletes and helped create a positive legacy.​

Selfie with share a Coke


Coca‑Cola has been an Official NCAA Corporate Champion since 2002. Through this partnership we provide a direct, positive impact on the academic and developmental opportunities afforded to more than 460,000 NCAA student-athletes each year, while also helping fans everywhere share in the excitement of 90 different NCAA championships. In addition to emphasizing the role of athletics in higher education we also support NCAA youth clinics and interactive fan experiences.

NCAA branded Coca-Cola Zero Sugar cans reflect on the court in front of a Final Four basketball

Supporting local sporting events & organizations around the world​

Around the world we partner with local sports events and organizations​.

a photo of a cricket player at bat with Coca-Cola sponsorship in the background


Coca‑Cola has been involved with stock car racing for more than 50 years and has been the official sparkling beverage of NASCAR since 1998. Our long-term partnership with NASCAR runs through the 2023 season. Additionally, we are proud to be represented by our Coca‑Cola Racing Family, an annual partnership with top drivers that represents the best of NASCAR racing.

Celebrating victory at Nascar while holding a Coca-Cola Classic in one hand and a steering wheel in the other


Our support of football is at all levels - from grassroots with the Copa Coca‑Cola, to 100+ Professional Football clubs, federations and National Teams.​ Our association with football dates back to the beginning of the last century and in 1958 the Company made its FIFA World Cup™ debut in Sweden.​

Connecting to consumer passions through music, gaming & movies​

Since 1980, we have expanded our partnerships to support more consumer passions and entertainment areas like music, gaming & movies.  This is to meet our audiences desire for content and unique experiences.​ Here are a few examples:

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