A woman in Nanjin China serves a Coca-Cola

How The Coca‑Cola Company Enables Women Entrepreneurs

Women are key to the world’s shared success. In 2010, we set a goal to enable the economic empowerment of 5 million women by 2020. Since then, we have worked with countless partners to provide business skills training, mentoring networks, financial services and other assets to help women entrepreneurs improve their livelihoods, families and communities.

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Our Approach 

There is overwhelming evidence that achieving equality and empowerment for women has broad ripple effects that are good for society. As pillars of their communities, women invest a sizable portion of the income they earn in the health and education of their children and their local economies, which creates a tremendous economic impact. Women around the world are pillars of our business system.  

Achieving Our Goal 

The Coca‑Cola Company and its partners are proud to have exceeded our 5by20 goal by enabling the economic empowerment of more than 6 million women across 100 countries around the world. The women that participated in the 5by20 program work in roles, including retailers, suppliers, producers, artisans and more.

By investing in women’s economic empowerment over the past decade, we have created shared value in hopes of a better shared future - enabling improved livelihoods for women, their families and their communities, while inclusively expanding our business. We are proud of the ripple effects that these programs have had on the millions of lives we have touched and will continue to have over the years to come. 

Scaling Through Partnerships

Achieving our 5by20 goal depended on building scalable models and powerful partnerships. We recognize and thank all the Coca‑Cola system colleagues and partners for their passion, dedication and commitment in making this goal a reality.   

Looking to the Future  

As we look to the future, the company remains committed to its purpose to refresh the world and make a difference. Our efforts will be focused on supporting community resilience and as the impact of our continuing efforts multiplies with each passing year, we expect to reach many more women and underprivileged populations around the world.  

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