In Our Products

What is in our products is essential.

We are evolving our business strategy to become a total beverage company by giving people more of the drinks they want. This strategy includes changing recipes to reduce added sugar, promoting low and no-calorie beverage options and making smaller packages more available to enable portion control.

The Coca‑Cola Company supports the current recommendations of several leading health authorities that individuals should not consume more than 10% of their total calories from added sugar. We are taking action on reducing added sugar even where it means changes to our most popular, time-tested products—putting our strength in innovation to meet our consumers’ evolving needs.

What is in our products is essential. We use the highest quality and cutting-edge ingredients, provide reduced and no sugar alternatives, and source sustainably and ethically.

Our Portfolio

Multiple brands across different beverage categories​

We offer a variety of drinks including still and sparkling water, dairy, fruit juices, organic and plant-based drinks, teas and coffees.

Bottled drinks across several beverage categories offered by The Coca-Cola Company

19 of the top 20 brands are reduced-sugar or zero-sugar, or have a reduced-sugar or zero-sugar option

We know eating and drinking less added sugar is increasingly important to many, so we’re taking action across our products to meet consumer needs.

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar can and other low and zero-sugar drinks

About 44% of our sparkling brands come in smaller packages

Smaller packages make it easier to control portions and added sugar intake while still enjoying your favorite drink.

Assortment of smaller package drinks offered by The Coca-Cola Company

More drinks with additional nutrition benefits

We're always aiming to make our drinks better and with more nutritional benefits by providing drinks that contain functional ingredients, vitamins and essential micronutrients.

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