More drinks, less sugar​.

As we continue to evolve as a total beverage company and respond to consumers’ desires for more choices across categories, we are reducing added sugar while providing more drinks with nutrition benefits; optimizing our mix of products; offering more small packaging choices; and providing consumers with clear nutrition information.

Reducing Added Sugar

900,000+ tons of added sugar removed from our global portfolio cumulatively through efforts to reformulate more than 1,000 beverages from 2017-2022

Reducing Added Sugar

Launching New Products Globally

246 low- or no-sugar products were launched in 2022

Sugar Free Beverages Globally

Commitment to Low-Sugar Products

~68% of the products in our beverage portfolio have less than 100 calories per 12-ounce serving AND 29% of our volume sold in 2022 was low- or no-calorie 

Low and zero-sugar products on shelves

Nutritional Beverages

We are offering a portfolio of drinks with nutrition and hydration benefits, including juices, teas, waters and other non-sparkling beverages

A mix of nutritional Coca-Cola portfolio brands

Changing the recipe across our portfolio

We realize more consumers are looking for reduced sugar and no added sugar drinks. We continue to innovate across our portfolio to deliver more beverage options with less added sugar and expand the availability of low and no-sugar beverages.

We’ve reduced sugar by at least 30% in some of our leading brands in several markets around the world, including

Coca‑Cola, Fanta, Sprite, and Fuze Tea.

Smaller Packaging, More Control

People can enjoy the drinks they love in sizes that help them more easily control how much sugar they consume. These include 7.5-oz. mini cans and 8-oz. glass bottles in many markets.

Today, about 44% of our sparkling soft drink brands come in packages of 8.5 ounces or less. We continue to expand availability of these package sizes across markets.

More information for more informed decisions

We are committed to providing transparent back- and front-of-pack nutrition information about all our products, in line with local regulations, so that consumers may make choices that fit their diets and lifestyles. ​

As a leader in the area of front-of-pack nutrition labeling, ​Coca‑Cola was the first beverage company to place calorie information on the front of nearly all of our packaging worldwide. At the end of 2011 we met that goal and we continue to advance labeling in many markets around the world. ​

We provide nutrition information on nearly all product labels, with the exception of certain returnable bottles, fountain beverages and waters (unsweetened, unflavored). For these beverage and packaging types, nutrition information is provided by alternate means through our company and Coca‑Cola system websites as well as consumer hotlines to guide consumers to additional information.​

Providing More Nutrition Information

We continue to give people more information about the beverages they’re drinking. In the United States, for example:​ 88% of our beverage packages also have SmartLabel QR codes that provide far more product detail than will fit on a label.​

Our company will only place nutrition and health claims on packages when compliant with applicable national or supranational laws, regulations or guidelines. In the absence of national or supranational laws, regulations or guidelines (e.g. EU, MERCOSUR, GCC), our company will follow the Codex Guidelines for Use of Nutrition and Health Claims (CAC/GL 23-1997).

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