At The Coca-Cola Company, we’ve continued our journey to be a more helpful and effective partner in efforts to address the serious problem of obesity around the world. We’ve listened and learned from the public health community, our customers, associates and our consumers to understand the most appropriate role we can play to support the fight against obesity in a way that is credible, transparent, and beneficial for everyone.

We’ve been clear that we believe we can play an important role in helping consumers moderate their consumption of added sugar by evolving our portfolio of drinks to reduce sugar in existing recipes, introducing more low- and no-sugar brands globally, investing in sugar alternatives and continuing to expand the availability of smaller packages like mini-cans across our markets.

In 2016 alone, The Coca-Cola Company reduced sugar in more than 200 drinks globally. And this year, the company is on track to reduce sugar in more than 500 drinks around the world – adding to its more than 1,100 existing low- or no-sugar drinks.

In addition to the actions we are taking in the marketplace, we have committed to continue disclosing any financial commitments we make to health and well-being scientific research or partnerships. While these commitments have declined following the implementation of new guiding principles in early 2016, we continue to disclose, at six month intervals, all relevant funding of well-being related research, partnerships and health professionals and scientific experts that meet the criteria identified in our transparency website.

Here you will find the latest updates to our financial report of our health and well-being related scientific research and partnerships, now updated through June 30, 2017. As we update these reports going forward, we expect to continue reporting fewer investments as we follow guiding principles that define how we provide financial support for well-being related scientific research and partnerships.

We invite you to read more about the steps we are taking to fight obesity and help consumers reduce consumption of added sugars in our latest sustainability report.