National Beverage Company (NBC)


National Beverage Company (NBC), an independent beverage bottler headquartered in Ramallah, commenced production in 1998 with one plant and 47 employees. As of 2023, NBC operates four production plants and four distribution centers.  

It is considered the largest leading local company in the food and beverage sector, the 3rd largest employer and 5th biggest company in terms of investment size. NBC employs 1,000 associates across its facilities, including Gaza as well. The Coca‑Cola system indirectly supports 10,000 Palestinians through retail channels and across its value chain.  

Two times winner of Group President’s Sustainability award as the “Best Country Bottling Operation” among 100 bottling companies affiliated with The Coca‑Cola Company in the Eurasia and Africa Group. 

For more information, visit the National Beverage Company website.

Community Support Programs:  

  • In 2016, NBC inaugurated a solar power generation system at its headquarters and main warehouses in Ramallah. Over the year, three additional rooftop stations were installed at Ramallah, Cappy & Jericho plants allowing NBC to meet most of its power needs.   
  • Since 2022, the Coca‑Cola system has invested in community programs such as the Gaza Household WASH program, which increased access to facilities and services for safe domestic water and improved sanitation for families. 
  • In 2018, a water desalination unit was constructed in Gaza. The unit has provided clean water to over 30,000 Gazans. In addition, NBC implemented a youth empowerment program to develop employment opportunities and conducted a public awareness campaign on hygienic water handling and storage. The desalination plant has the capacity to produce 90,000 litres per day from 20 outlet points.  
  • Through the “Computerization of Schools” project, known as “Lana Alghad” which started in 2007, NBC equipped 44 school computer labs and distributed 723 Tablet PCs and 335 computers to dozens of public schools.  
  • During the Holy month of Ramadan each year, iftar meals are organized for orphans in Gaza and West Bank in cooperation with several societies. Additionally, hundreds of food parcels are distributed to needy families in various governorates. 
  • Since 2002, The “Back to School” Campaign involves distributing thousands of school bags to sick students and students in need in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. 
  • Initiated in 2010, NBC supports an exchange program with Bilkent University of Turkey. 
  • In 2013 and 2018, NBC hosted the original World Cup Trophy at its headquarters twice, allowing football fans across West Bank to visit and view the Trophy within the 4-way podiums. Schools, universities, local football teams and charity groups all participated and shared their moment with football’s greatest prize.  
  • NBC sponsors male and female football and basketball teams, and established sport academies for grassroots at different governorates. NBC was the first company to establish a female football academy in West Bank.