2020 Environmental Goals Press Kit


Renewing Our Partnership, Expanding Our Impact

Because water is essential to nature, communities, and business, The Coca‑Cola Company and WWF launched a transformational partnership in 2007 to help conserve the world's freshwater resources. Expanding this focus, we are renewing our collaboration through 2020 to build on our progress and achieve even greater impact by helping address the natural resource challenges that impact fresh water. View the condensed video or the full video for more in-depth information.

Partnership Video (condensed)

Partnership Video (full)

Coca‑Cola and WWF Fireside Chat - Bea Perez and Carter Roberts

WWF CEO Carter Roberts and Bea Perez, Chief Sustainability Officer, The Coca‑Cola Company take you behind the scenes on a look into the partnership between these two organizations. Together, they reflect on how far we've come in our efforts to conserve fresh water and what lies ahead in the next seven years of our partnership as we expand our focus through our Water+ Commitment.


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