Coca‑Cola Makes its ‘Foodmark’ in Year Two of ‘A Recipe for Magic’ Campaign


“A Recipe for Magic”—the global campaign celebrating the soul-nourishing combination of a delicious meal, a special moment shared with others and an ice-cold Coca‑Cola—will bring a series of unique physical and digital experiences to fans around the world in 2024. “Foodmarks” celebrate global "food landmarks" inspired by culture, created with the real magic of Coca‑Cola.

More than 400 Foodmarks will debut in cities and neighborhoods around the world, which consumers can explore in an interactive map as part of a unique partnership with Time Out. Each Foodmark experience is rooted in the belief that real magic comes to life through three key ingredients: the perfect moment, the perfect meal, and an ice-cold Coca‑Cola.

As part of the campaign, Coca‑Cola will debut five immersive, in-person experiences around the world, each inspired by a captivating moment in culture. The first iconic Foodmark experience will launch on February 16 in New York City’s Union Square, recreating the iconic moment in 1957 when Marilyn Monroe stepped away from the glamour of Hollywood to savor a hot dog and an ice-cold Coca‑Cola. Coca‑Cola will “transport” attendees back to a pivotal time in American history and popular culture with an immersive activation complete with shops, breakout flash-shows and more! 

"Foodmarks wield the extraordinary power to transcend borders and tell stories of shared experiences and cultural significance. They are a testament to the universal language of mealtime,” said Elif Kaypak, Global Brand Marketing Lead at The Coca‑Cola Company. “As we unveil the five global iconic Foodmarks and hundreds more in neighborhoods around the world, we celebrate the moments that have shaped culture and connected us through the shared magic of Coca‑Cola."

Coca‑Cola will host other immersive consumer experiences at iconic Foodmarks around the world, including Delhi, Bangkok, Rio de Janeiro and Hong Kong. Fans can check out these Foodmarks and hundreds of others at 

To celebrate the fact that the three core ingredients to “A Recipe for Magic” come together every day in homes around the world, Coca‑Cola is launching the “Real Recipes” series of eight documentary-style short films. In collaboration with renowned filmmaker Vincent Haycock, Coca‑Cola will curate authentic snapshots of individuals who've crafted a Recipe for Magic, turning these real-life moments into short films.  

“A Recipe for Magic” debuted in 2023 with creative content featuring cultural icons and celebrity chefs, as well as more than 750 local food influencers. The personalities shared their “Recipes for Magic” and encouraged their followers to do the same, generating more than 20 billion social media impressions.