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The Coca‑Cola Foundation Awards $8.1 Million in Third Quarter Benefitting 3.8 Million People Worldwide


The Coca‑Cola Foundation awarded US$8.1 million to 47 community organizations during the third quarter of 2013.  Through these grants, 3.8 million people worldwide will have increased access to personal well-being, environmental and community empowerment programs.  

“The health and well-being of our families and communities concern everyone,” said Lisa M. Borders, Chair of The Coca‑Cola Foundation.  “We are taking an active role working with grassroots community organizations to find solutions to those major issues affecting our world today.

“One of the Foundation’s strategic goals is to encourage access to physical activity and nutritional education programs,” Borders said.  “More than one-third of the programs funded during this grant cycle increase access for people of all ages and abilities to become more physically active and healthy.”

“There is solid evidence of the gaps in physical activity in Europe – between countries and between population groups,” said Mogens Kirkeby, President of International Sport and Culture Association (ISCA), which received a $950,000 grant from The Coca‑Cola Foundation to support its MOVE Activation program.  “We need to close those gaps and boost physical activity levels. 

“Coca‑Cola’s contribution will allow ISCA to develop and enhance initiatives for hard-to-reach populations and thereby bring physical activity into the lives of some of the least active groups in society.”  ISCA is a non-governmental association based in Copenhagen, Denmark.  Its MOVE Activation program will encourage 100 million Europeans to become active by 2020 by expanding and standardizing sports and activity programming. 

During the third quarter, the Foundation awarded $2.8 million to support active healthy living initiatives, $2.5 million to support education initiatives, $1.1 million to support recycling initiatives, $1.2 million to support water initiatives, and $650,000 to support youth development and other local community priorities.  Year to date, the Foundation has awarded $58.5 million worldwide. 

Some of the organizations receiving grant funding during the third quarter include:


Active Healthy Living

- InternationalSportandCulture Association, “MOVE Activation,” Denmark, $950,000.

- European Food Information Council, “AISBL myPace for Weight Management,” Multiple European Countries, $529,000.

- Yayasan Mitra Masyarakat Sehat Indonesia, “Indonesia Exercise is Medicine, Indonesia,” $307,000.

- ZalaegerszegiEgészségügyiFőiskolaiKépzésértAlapítvány, “Energy Balance Study and Active Living Communications Campaign,” Hungary, $250,000.

- EPODEInternationalNetwork, “PAIDEIATROFI – EPODE Methodology Childhood Obesity Prevention in Greece,” Greece, $150,000.

- Colombianitos, Inc., “Goals for a Better Life in Bogota - Community Empowerment,” Colombia, $100,000.

- Changi Health Fund (Ltd), “Exercise is Medicine Singapore (EIMS),” Singapore, $80,000.

- Special Olympics Israel, “Organizing Sport Competition for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities in 13 Sports,” Israel, $80,000.

Protecting the Environment


- SerikatPaguyuban Petani Qaryah Thayyibah, “Lumbung Air Untuk Kehidupan Mendatang (Water Saving for Future Livelihood),” Indonesia, $249,492.

- University ofCordoba, “Reducing the Hydrological Impact of Imported Strawberries Huelva Region of Spain,” Spain, $199,212.

- World Wildlife Fund, Inc., “Strengthening Biodiversity Conservation and Improving Dependent Local Livelihoods,” Vietnam, $180,000.

- UniversitatJaume I, “Facing the Seawater Intrusion Recharging Coastal Aquifers with Regenerated Waters (Phase III),” Spain, $143,000.

- Population and Community Development Association, “Clean Water for Communities:  Solar Powered Water Systems,” Thailand, $120,000.

- Environmental Quality Protection Foundation, “Green Water School Series: Water Adaptation School Project,” Taiwan, $30,000.


- Instituto Coca‑Cola Brasil: “Institute Doe Seu Lixo, ICCB-Recycling Cooperative Management Capability Program,” Brazil, $950,000.

- Compromiso Empresarial Para El Reciclaje Colombia, “Strengthening Recyclers Production Units,” Colombia, $72,965.

- Save The Harbor/Save The Bay, “Youth Environmental Education Programs,” United States, $50,000.

Building Strong Communities

Education/Youth Development

- Yayasan Ancora (The Ancora Foundation), “Vocational Studies Scholarship 2013,” Indonesia, $104,000.

- Partners of the Americas, “100,000 Strong in the Americas,” Multiple Latin American Countries, $250,000.

- INJAZ Palestine, “Nbc / Injaz Palestine – Leadership,” Multiple, $50,000.

- Palestine Association for Children's Encouragement of Sports, “After-School Sports Program In Palestine, Jordan and Lebanon” Multiple Countries, $50,000.

- Young Business Leadership, “Young Business Leadership Program,” Israel, $40,000.

- Innovation Factory – “Youth Empowerment Project: Information Hub for Digital Opportunities,” France, $150,000

- Debate In Civil Society Public Union – “Youth Inc. Program -- Stage 2,” Azerbaijan, $100,000

About The Coca‑Cola Foundation

The Coca‑Cola Foundation is the global philanthropic arm of The Coca‑Cola Company. Since its inception, the Foundation has awarded more than $500 million in grants to support sustainable community initiatives around the world. For more information about The Coca‑Cola Foundation, please click here.

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