COKE STUDIO™ 2024 Season Celebrates Music Fandom with First Artist Lineup Announcement: Karol G, NewJeans and Peggy Gou


Music fans are the real rock stars of the 2024 season of COKE STUDIO™, which celebrates and connects enthusiasts around the world through experience-driven collaborations with a diverse group of superstar artists.

K-Pop powerhouses, NewJeans; Colombian popstar and the first female artist to debut at No. 1 in the United States on the Billboard 200 Chart with an all-Spanish language album, Karol G; and Berlin-based South Korean DJ, singer, songwriter and producer, Peggy Gou, anchor this year’s COKE STUDIO™ roster. These artists were handpicked for their unique relationships with their fans and embodiment of the brand’s core values of authenticity, inclusion and positivity.

“And it’s not always about numbers, even though they’re all superstars,” said Josh Burke, global head of music and culture marketing at The Coca‑Cola Company. “It’s about the quality of how they engage and bring people together through the collective power of music and experiences.”

While the previous seasons of COKE STUDIO™ focused on exclusive music and storytelling, this year will deliver an added layer of IRL “Real Magic” for fans — who uniquely magnify the magic of human connection and help shape modern music culture — through a more interactive and experiential focus.

Islam ElDessouky, global head of creative strategy and content for the Coca‑Cola brand said COKE STUDIO™ showcases the brand’s commitment to bringing people together through a shared affinity for genre- and geography-spanning music.

“We’re delivering a unique combination of digital and live experiences to bring fans even closer to the artists they love,” he said.

The 2024 season will feature new music, behind-the-scenes interviews and artist-led content, intimate live performances, limited-edition merch and giveaways including meet-and-greets, concert tickets and more.

The song writing brief was intentionally open. Artists were simply asked to craft a song that celebrates and resonates with their core fanbases.

“We pushed ourselves outside our comfort zone by relinquishing creative control,” Burke said. “We’re partnering with these artists to connect our brand with the massive communities they’ve cultivated, and we realize the most effective and authentic way to do that is to trust them to create music versus manufacturing a storyline or jingle for them to participate in.”

The Coca‑Cola Company collaborated with music industry partners to bring to life the 2024 edition of COKE STUDIO™. The 2024 roster of artists was curated, produced, and managed in partnership with Universal Music Group For Brands; Spotify’s music consultancy, AUX; and Blended Strategy Group.

Burke said the program embraces a “flywheel mentality” around the new reality of festivals and live events. “Performances are at the center of the wheel,” he explained, “but we are delivering a robust programming experience that extends into the digital world with recorded music, creative content and much more.” 

COKE STUDIO™ launched in Pakistan in 2008 as a TV series featuring established and emerging artists from various genres collaborating in live studio recording sessions. The show gained a large and loyal following before expanding into an international music franchise with spinoff editions in India, the Philippines, Africa and the Middle East. In 2022, COKE STUDIO™ expanded into a global music platform.