Fanta Nudges Fans to Do More of What They ‘Wanta’


The world is increasingly obsessed with responsibilities and needs. Very little is said in favor of what we truly want.

Well Fanta believes doing what you want matters too. It can be as easy as drinking an ice-cold, delicious lip-smacking Fanta, and all it might take is one simple question…


Because sometimes we all deserve a breather.  A little permission to indulge with no strings attached. This doesn’t make us bad humans. It just makes us human.

This modern-day reprise of one of Fanta’s most iconic platforms comes with an immersive multi-year, multi-platform brand experience that will inspire and nudge Gen Z to strike a balance between their needs and wants. The launch features digital content that reflects Gen Z lives today, contextual out of home and shopper activations across key customers, partnerships with TikTok influencers, branded challenges and much more through the course of the year. As part of the North America launch, an interactive Wanta Fanta Mobile experience will also go on tour this summer and bring the iconic music to surprise and delight fans in select cities.

However, the centerpiece of the launch campaign is a remake of the iconic Wanta Fanta tune from the early-aughts, with reworked lyrics focusing on Gen Z’s constant struggle to find balance between needs and wants but retaining the same irresistible hook as the original.

“Wanta Fanta is a shoutout to a generation craving more balance and time out for themselves,” said Ibrahim Khan, Global Vice President of Marketing Fanta at The Coca‑Cola Company. “Walking through the supermarket, we realized the aisles were exploding with functionality. Most products focused only on the physical demands of Gen Z life. So instead of doing the same, we decided to speak to their spirit. Moments when they want drinks that are just delicious, with no strings attached. When they want to do things just for themselves, to feel good. That’s what Wanta Fanta is about.”

Fanta teams from around the world collaborated on the development of the creative to ensure cultural relevance and localize the work for their markets, languages and musical talent. However, the universal insight remains the same.  Globally, Gen Z and younger millennials around the world feel the pressure to balance needs and wants—and desire for fun and enjoyment.  

“We knew we wanted a concept that would travel well and show consumers around the world that Fanta sees and hears them,” Camilla Zanaria, Senior Director, Global Shopper & Consumer Content, Sparkling Flavors. “From schoolwork and chores to deeper ‘needs’ such as fitting in or finding love, we want to nudge Gen Z from the steady stream of demands and commitments they face.”

Wanta Fanta launches in the US in April, followed by China, Japan, Korea and all other markets over the next few months.

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