Game On: Coca‑Cola and Riot Games Team Up for ‘Ultimate’ Flavor and Experiences Celebrating Every Player’s Journey 


Created with gamers for gamers, the new Coca‑Cola® Ultimate Zero Sugar represents a bold, kinetic expression of Experience Points (+XP), the universal unit of rewards players earn as they progress through a game. The latest limited-edition Coca‑Cola Creations drop was crafted in collaboration with League of Legends developer Riot Games. 

Coca‑Cola® Ultimate Zero Sugar’s striking packaging design fuses elements of both iconic brands, taking visual cues from League of Legends lore – including a bespoke “Ultimate” crest with a blue Hextech backlit glow, a Spencerian Script inspired by Nexus crystals in “Runeterra” and a bold, gold-and-back manifestation of the Coca‑Cola Creations logo. 

“Coca‑Cola Creations is all about creating unique and authentic experiences anchored in youth passions, and gaming is one of the largest and fastest-growing communities in the world,” said Oana Vlad, Senior Director, Global Strategy, The Coca‑Cola Company. “We dipped our toes into this space last year with Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar Byte and the artist Marshmello’s limited-edition Coca‑Cola, but this is the first time we have partnered with a gaming company to develop a Coca‑Cola flavor.”

Coca‑Cola Ultimate Zero Sugar will be sold for a limited time in the United States, Canada, China, South Korea, Latin America and Africa. A full-sugar version is available in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

“We’re excited for players to taste the new +XP flavor, a unique and bespoke collaboration with Coca‑Cola, a globally recognized brand loved by millions,” said David Mulhall, Head of Business Development and Partnerships at Riot Games. “They share many of the player-focused values we have at Riot, and we are honored to be the first gaming collaboration for Coca‑Cola Creations.” 

The holistic product experience celebrates every player’s gaming journey. Like the six preceding Coca‑Cola Creation drops, Coca‑Cola Ultimate Zero Sugar will bridge the virtual and real worlds with a series of disruptive digital and IRL activations. League of Legends players can put their skills to the test via a series of in-game missions that unlock a sequence of limited-edition Ultimate Emotes through July 18.  

Fans also can scan an on-pack QR code to access the Coca‑Cola® Creations Hub, where they can access a League of Legends-inspired Ultimate Emote Generator Instagram filter, pre-order a custom Coca‑Cola Ultimate Zero Sugar mini fridge by Cooluli, and upload a selfie to see themselves in their Ultimate form on a cinematic gaming journey. 

“The super-personalized experience lets anyone – not just League of Legends enthusiasts – become the hero of their own Ultimate journey,” said Natalia Suarez, Brand Director, Coca‑Cola TM, North America. “It pays off the idea that Coca‑Cola is for everyone.” 

Coca‑Cola and Riot Games will bring the “Ultimate” experience to life with communities of passionate gamers around the world through League of Legends Nexus Crystals drop events in Los Angeles, Shanghai and Mexico City.

Coca‑Cola Ultimate Zero Sugar builds on a longstanding collaboration between Coca‑Cola and Riot Games celebrating the power of gaming to unite people around the world in competition and fandom. In 2022, the brands announced a multi-year global partnership to co-create unique fan experiences for League of Legends: Wild Rift and Wild Rift Esports. From 2014-2016, Coca‑Cola teamed with League of Legends for its World Championship and created custom viewing experiences with highly coveted collectible merchandise in multiple countries through cinema partnerships.

With hundreds of millions of players globally, League of Legends continues to be one of the most-played competitive games in the world. A unique game that blends speed, strategy and high intensity, it has grown to become a global phenomenon over its decade-long history by hyper-serving its loyal communities.

“The idea that fueled Coca‑Cola Ultimate was a celebration of the player’s journey,” said Chase Abraham, Director, Global Content & Creative, Coca‑Cola TM. “Riot Games aspires to be the world’s most player-forward gaming company, and we see a lot of harmony between our values. A shared passion to get it right with players first and foremost drove the strategy and nature of what we wanted to deliver.”

Coca‑Cola® Creations lends the iconic Coca‑Cola brand to new expressions fueled by collaboration, creativity and connection. Each sequential, surprise-and-delight drop includes a limited-edition flavor– complemented by designs and experiences – inspired by music, gaming, sports and other consumer passion points. The Coca‑Cola Ultimate Zero Sugar launch follows the six fantasy-flavored Coca‑Cola® Creations drops: Coca‑Cola® Starlight, Coca‑Cola® Zero Sugar Byte, the artist Marshmello’s Limited Edition Coca‑Cola®, Coca‑Cola® Dreamworld, Coca‑Cola® Soul Blast and Coca‑Cola® Move. Stay tuned for news of future Coca‑Cola® Creations drops.