Coca-Cola Drops New Coke Creation with Cultural Icon Marshmello

Taste the Track: Coca‑Cola Drops New Coke Creation with Cultural Icon Marshmello


Coca‑Cola Creations is dropping its newest limited-edition flavor—a collab with GRAMMY-nominated artist Marshmello.

Marshmello’s Limited Edition Coca‑Cola, the brand’s first-ever beverage co-created with an artist, captures the feeling of mixing chart-topping beats. The new drink—which fuses strawberry and watermelon flavors with a great Coke taste—drops in the United States in July and will be available in select countries around the world. A zero-sugar version also will be available.

“We created a vibey blend of my favorite flavors in this all-new mix,” Marshmello said. “I think it tastes amazing and hope fans love it, too.”

Collectible slim cans with striking black and white visuals and dripped Coca‑Cola Spencerian script pay homage to Marshmello’s signature aesthetic. 

Coca‑Cola welcomed Marshmello and his crew to Atlanta last year for a tour of the company’s archives and co-creation workshop. The artist doodled on whiteboards with Coke creatives, experimented with tastes crafted by R&D flavor scientists sipped through a custom-created straw to fit Marshmello’s trademark helmet, and brainstormed experiential concepts with brand and marketing teams. 

“From the beginning, we wanted this to be a collaborative process that could come to life and feel authentic to both of our brands,” said Oana Vlad, Senior Director, Global Strategy, The Coca‑Cola Company. “Everyone rolled up their sleeves and had a lot of fun... Marshmello is known as a connector of fans, so our values are aligned.”

To coincide with the global flavor’s IRL launch, an immersive Twitch takeover on July 9 will allow fans to participate in a Marshmello-themed livestream gaming adventure and gain exclusive access to metamerch designed by Zepeto. Beginning July 29, a scannable QR code will direct fans to the Coca‑Cola Creations hub, where they can generate a unique piece of digital art while experiencing the feeling of listening to Marshmello’s new track, “Numb”. 

The Coca‑Cola Creations platform—which debuted in February when Coca‑Cola Starlight offered fans a taste of outer space, followed by the gaming and metaverse-inspired Coca‑Cola Byte—lends the brand to new expressions driven by collaboration, creativity and cultural connections. Over the course of 2022 and beyond, limited-edition flavors, designs and experiences will reimagine Coca‑Cola and Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar across physical and digital worlds. 

“The novelty and unexpectedness of these innovations are driving curiosity and inviting people to engage with the brand,” said Vlad, citing a spike in social media conversation, earned media coverage and Internet search traffic. “We’re also seeing that taking a more experiential route with our marketing through digital experiences, licensing partnerships and creative collaborations is a meaningful and fresh way to reach younger consumers.”