Latest Coca‑Cola® Creations Drop Celebrates and Connects K-Pop Fans With Coca‑Cola® K-WAVE Zero Sugar


Coca‑Cola Creations is celebrating K-Pop fandemonium with a limited-edition flavor and suite of music-focused digital and IRL experiences featuring some of the genre’s biggest stars. 

Coca‑Cola K-WAVE Zero Sugar infuses the iconic taste of Coca‑Cola with a refreshing burst of fruity-flavored K-Pop magic, and aims to connect devoted fans and iconic artists alike.  The striking can design inspired by the metallic, youthful energy of a K-Pop concert—including LED screen patterns in vibrant greens, pinks and purples, as well as a cross-cultural interpretation of the iconic Coca‑Cola Spencerian Script—unlocks a suite of experiences soundtracked by the campaign’s anthem, “Like Magic,” featuring Stray Kids, ITZY and NMIXX and produced by Jin Young Park (J.Y. Park). Coca‑Cola® K-WAVE Zero Sugar will be available in the United States, Spain, Singapore, South Korea and other markets around the world.

“The world of K-Pop exists because of the fans, and we couldn’t be more excited to celebrate fans’ devotion to the artists and music that they love, through this unique Creation,” said J.Y. Park, founder, JYP Entertainment. “We hope fans feel the love and appreciation we have for their support through the launch of a new Coca‑Cola flavor dedicated to their fandom and digital and physical experiences that connect them even more to their favorite artists.”

Coming soon to the Creations Hub, is an immersive AI experience that helps K-Pop dreams become a reality. Fans will be able to use the technology to embed their voice, name and face into the “Like Magic” music video alongside their idols, then download and share their custom creation on social media. 

Fans can also look forward to an exclusive, live K-Pop concert on June 2. The concert will feature artists from JYP Entertainment, including Stray Kids, ITZY and NMIXX.

"Immersing fans in the vibrant world of K-Pop, Coca‑Cola K-WAVE Zero Sugar is a celebration of shared passions from all over the world," said Jung Hyun Kwon, Category Lead for Japan and South Korea at The Coca‑Cola Company. "By collaborating with some of the biggest names in K-Pop culture, Coca‑Cola K-WAVE Zero Sugar is bringing fans together through innovative experiences that bring to life their special and unique devotion for their favorite artists, and the powerful impact that K-Pop has on culture."

A fan-focused fashion collaboration with PRIVATE POLICY debuts apparel and accessories—ranging from t-shirts and hoodies to handbags, jewelry and belts—inspired by Coca‑Cola® K-WAVE Zero Sugar. The collection, which was unveiled at New York Fashion Week in February, is available for pre-order at and for purchase at select retail stores around the world starting March 29. 

“You truly discover a new way to achieve borderless creativity when you have the opportunity to work with an innovative partner like Coca‑Cola,” said Siying Qu, designer and co-founder, PRIVATE POLICY. "Our mission is to create work that celebrates diversity, builds communities, and sparks meaningful conversations for those who have a passion for fashion.”

Coca‑Cola Creations introduces new flavors, designs and unexpected experiences that blend music, fashion and technology for fans to enjoy around the world. By tapping into emerging technologies, collaborating with artists and designers, and creating experiences across digital and physical worlds, the platform continues to infuse the iconic Coca‑Cola brand with new expressions of creativity and cultural connections allowing fans to experience the Real Magic of Coca‑Cola.

The brand’s first Creation of 2024, Coca‑Cola® Happy Tears Zero Sugar, launched exclusively on TikTok Shop in the United States and Great Britain in February. For more information about Coca‑Cola® Creations, visit