woman holding sign "We care, we win"

Turning Passion into Real, Meaningful Difference in the World

Coca‑Cola People Stories


The Coca‑Cola System has been around a long time. One of the reasons the company has endured for so long is its people.

People at Coca‑Cola truly are passionate about the company because working for one of the most iconic brands inspires pride. The culmination of so many viewpoints and varied expertise, driven by enthusiasm, helps propel the business forward, but it doesn’t end there. Many employees are making a positive difference in the world both in and outside of the office.

At Coca‑Cola, associates are encouraged to turn their passion for the company and its brands into shared opportunity across the thousands of communities they call home, toward a better world. Whether helping a community in Paraguay access safe water, supporting female entrepreneurs in South Africa in growing their businesses, encouraging ingredient suppliers to uphold more sustainable agriculture practices or supporting recycling centers in the United States, Coca‑Cola people are making measurable impacts.

Authenticity and inclusiveness help uncover ideas that move the business forward. Coca‑Cola works to nurture creativity and to challenge people to bring their full selves, their ideas and their passion to work every day. It is a place where an inclusive culture of curiosity and empowerment is emphasized and celebrated.

Coca‑Cola is building a culture of true empowerment, where everyone has the permission to see it, say it and do it. The goal is to move forward faster in the spirit of progress, not perfection, and fostering this type of culture encourages accountability and ownership as well as creativity and smart risk taking.

Coca‑Cola is building a culture of true empowerment, where everyone has the permission to see it, say it and do it.