smartwater and Zendaya are back again


smartwater and Zendaya are back again to inspire my wayers to keep it smart. This summer, the brand is keeping it smart through a social-first plan, that also features a partnership with the British Fashion Council to champion five emerging fashion designers.

Featuring bespoke outfits created for the campaign by designers Chet Lo, Conner Ives, Di Petsa, Nensi Dojaka and Aaron Esh, smartwater’s new creative campaign follows Zendaya as she poses questions that challenge conventions, including ‘why not designers who do things differently?’

A refreshing reminder to keep it smart, the campaign celebrates the inspiration and success that comes from doing things your own way, not for the sake of it — a value that truly resonates with today’s generation.


Acclaimed actor and performer Zendaya will appear in smartwater’s new “Keeping it Smart” campaign celebrating those who are unafraid to free themselves from the restraints of convention.

A champion of artistry and originality who’s unabashedly authentic in her every interaction, Zendaya has made her mark pioneering new ways to live a more purposeful life. 

“A global icon and cultural force, Zendaya doesn’t settle for what’s expected—and neither does smartwater. “She’s not afraid to be true to herself, which what makes her the perfect partner,” said Matrona Filippou, Global Category President, Hydration, Sports, Tea & Coffee The Coca‑Cola Company. “We could not be more thrilled to have Zendaya join the smartwater family and become the new face of our brand.” 

“Keeping it Smart” celebrates those who keep it smart, whatever the choice, and define ‘smart’ on their own terms. Creative launches June 21 in the United States across TV, audio, social media and streaming platforms, with additional markets to follow. 

Together, smartwater and Zendaya are helping address the water crisis in communities across the world—starting with the star’s hometown of Oakland, Calif.—by partnering with the Global Water Challenge’s Women for Water platform focused on mobilizing clean water access for every woman and her community. 

“I’m proud to work with a brand that encourages those in pursuit of something smarter, and shares a vision for universal access to safe and clean water,” Zendaya said. “Whether I’m on set, backstage or in between meetings, smartwater helps me stay hydrated and keep it smart.” 

Over two years, smartwater will donate $200,000 in grants to the Global Water Challenge, starting with a $100,000 grant for the community water challenge. Funding will support a range of activities including efforts to improve community water access, restore and protect water quality, build community climate resilience and promote economic empowerment opportunities through water. 

In the United States alone, 2.2 million people have no water at home and 44 million Americans are served by water systems with quality issues. Women for Water specifically supports women and girls, enabling them to spend more time in school, generate income and actively participate in their communities. 

“Our organization doesn’t operate without the support of our purpose-driven partners, and we are grateful to have smartwater and Zendaya on board to help ensure communities in need have more access to clean water,” says Monica Ellis, CEO of Global Water Challenge. “With the community water challenge, we’ll specifically work to address community water access, improving and protecting water quality, and economic empowerment opportunities through water.”