Honoring the rights of parents and caregivers to make choices for their children is the cornerstone of our Responsible Marketing Practices. We believe in commercial-free classrooms for children, and respect parent and school decisions around what beverages are made available during school hours.

We have had voluntary school beverage guidelines in Europe, the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Australia and developed Global School Beverage Guidelines. These guidelines establish principles to guide our practices across the more than 200 countries where our products are consumed. They apply to all beverages directly distributed by our local bottling partners to primary and secondary schools that bear trademarks owned and/or licensed by The Coca-Cola Company. As a global enterprise that operates as a local business, we also abide by any additional local guidelines related to the sales of beverages in schools.


Our Commitment

  • We will not offer our beverages for sale in primary schools. If requested to do so by a school authority, we will endeavor to meet those requests. Additionally, if requested, we will make our full range of products available in teacher’s lounges or areas for teachers which are restricted from students. We will maintain a record reflecting each primary school’s request.
  • When we offer our beverages for sale in secondary schools, we will work with school authorities to ensure that a full range of beverages (including water, juices and other beverages in both regular and low-calorie/calorie-free versions) is made available. Where primary and secondary school students share a common area or building, our approach, in dialogue with school authorities, will be commensurate with the majority of the student population.
  • When approached by school authorities to support extracurricular or educational activities (e.g., school dances, theatrical productions, band concerts, sports activities), we will consider such requests within the spirit of these Guidelines. We will make third-party distributors aware of these guidelines in cases where neither The Coca-Cola Company nor its bottling partners control final distribution of our beverages in schools.