Frozen Coke in a squeezable pouch debuts in Japan

Frozen Coke in a Squeezable Pouch?

Only in Japan


Coca‑Cola is debuting its first-ever ready-to-drink frozen beverage this week in Japan.

Coca‑Cola Frozen Lemon, offered in a squeezable drink pouch, will cool down Japanese consumers in the heat of the summer thanks to a years-in-the-making innovation that delivers a smooth, sherbet-like texture and delicious Coca‑Cola – with a lemon twist.

Japan – where 1,000 new beverages are launched each year – continues to be a hotbed of innovation for Coca‑Cola. Coca‑Cola Frozen Lemon follows the recent launches of Coca‑Cola Peach and Coca‑Cola Plus, a Food of Specified Health Use (FOSHU) beverage with dietary fiber.

New frozen pouch in Japan

Japan – where 1,000 new beverages are launched each year – continues to be a hotbed of innovation for Coca‑Cola.

Coca‑Cola Japan spent more than eight years researching, developing and testing ingredients to perfect the recipe and chilling technology for Coca‑Cola Frozen Lemon. The pouch will enable Japanese consumers – who have an affinity for both novelty, first-of-their kind drinks and frozen treats – to enjoy the new icy beverage on a hot summer day without getting their hands wet or sticky. Consumers can achieve the desired crunchiness by squeezing the re-sealable packs.

The Coca‑Cola Frozen Lemon launch supports Coca‑Cola CEO James Quincey’s vision for a total beverage company powered by an entrepreneurial, innovation driven culture. This includes taking a test-and-learn approach to R&D and scaling successful brands and ideas around the world.

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