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New smartwater alkaline with antioxidant Offers Elevated Hydration for Active Lifestyles


Whether running miles or running meetings, raising their heart rates or raising the bar, smartwater applauds the many ways fans define “smart” on their own terms. The pioneering brand’s latest innovation—smartwater alkaline with antioxidant—gives those who carve their own paths an elevated hydration solution with a higher pH level, added selenium and a unique electrolyte blend for a pure, crisp taste. 

A 9.5 pH level and the addition of selenium—an antioxidant that supports post-workout muscle—are designed to complement active, high-performance lifestyles with an offering that boosts smartwater’s presence in the fast-growing alkaline water category.  

“smartwater has led the enhanced water category since we created it nearly three decades ago, and we are excited to enhance our edge by re-introducing our alkaline offering with an even smarter formula,” said Ulises Ramírez, group director, hydration portfolio, Coca‑Cola Company North America. “With enormous growth potential in the $1 billion alkaline space, we’re putting the full weight of our brand behind this differentiated offering.”

The “Elevate How You Hydrate” marketing campaign will promote the launch of smartwater alkaline with antioxidant across all channels—from streaming audio to social media to out-of-home. In a new film, actor and comedian Pete Davidson returns to assert he’s still the same kid from Staten Island, just elevated (like his water of choice). A second spot featuring Peloton instructor Alex Toussaint, track star Bianca Williams and BMX biker Nigel Sylvester shows how smartwater alkaline with antioxidant helps the talented athletes’ keep hydrated in their tenacious pursuits of their passions. 

“Pete’s combination of cultural relevance and humble likeability makes him a great brand ambassador for us,” Ramírez said. “He embodies the premium lifestyle smartwater promotes—but always with his signature, self-deprecating sense of humor. And Alex, Bianca and Nigel are premier, nontraditional athletes who bring an ‘unconventionally smart’ approach to their respective sports.” 

The new product will be available in 1-liter and 20-oz. bottles, with more packaging options rolling out throughout the year.

Ramírez said smartwater alkaline with antioxidant hits the sweet spot between sports drinks and lifestyle waters. Going forward, smartwater and smartwater alkaline with antioxidant will be featured together in point-of-sale communications. “Given the booming popularity of alkaline waters among wellness-focused consumers,” he concluded, “we are confident this new offering will help bring new drinkers into the smartwater trademark and accelerate our overall growth.”

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