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Refreshing and Rapido AF: Minute Maid Aguas Frescas and NASCAR Driver Daniel Suárez Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month


Minute Maid Aguas Frescas—a Latin-inspired brand innovation shaking up the fruit drink category—and Daniel Suárez—a Mexican-born Coca‑Cola Racing family driver shaking up the NASCAR standings—teamed up on Sept. 25 to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month at the Autotrader EchoPark Automotive 500.

Suárez’s No. 99 car took to the track at Texas Motor Speedway in Dallas sporting the vibrant Minute Maid Aguas Frescas imagery and a fun twist on the brand’s playful, double-entendre tagline: “Refreshing AF”. His fire suit and pit crew’s shirts also featured the colorful imagery reflective of its three distinctive flavors: Hibiscus, Mango and Strawberry.

Partnering with Daniel was a way for us to recognize the historic accomplishments of a Hispanic driver in an American sport, while bringing the disruptive campaign message that Minute Maid Aguas Frescas is ‘Refreshing AF’ and Daniel is ‘Rapido AF’ to Gen Z consumers and the NASCAR community,” said Jorge Luzio, Group Director, Minute Maid Juice Portfolio, Coca‑Cola North America.

Suárez, the first Mexican-born driver to win a NASCAR Cup Series race, proudly reps his Hispanic roots on his car each week and has helped attract a new generation of fans to the sport. The Daniel’s Amigos fan community brings together racing die-hards with newer enthusiasts experiencing the excitement of NASCAR through Suárez. On race day in Dallas, the Minute Maid Aguas Frescas team participated in a Daniel’s Amigos meet-and-greet event at Texas Motor Speedway.

As the only Mexican driver in the NASCAR Cup Series, I feel honored to represent Latinos every time I get in my car,” said Suárez, who was born in Monterrey. “With it being Hispanic Heritage Month, we thought it made perfect sense to make Minute Maid Aguas Frescas—a refreshing new drink that proudly reminds of me of my home and heritage—the theme of my car.

After making an initial splash with a colorful Cinco de Mayo appearance on The Coca‑Cola Company’s iconic digital billboard in New York’s Times Square, Minute Maid Aguas Frescas jumped at the opportunity to collaborate with Suárez.

“We could have just put the Minute Maid Aguas Frescas on the side or hood of the car and moved on, but we stayed true to this disruptive, Gen Z-inspired creative idea,” said Alex Ames, Creative Director, Nutrition, Coca‑Cola North America. “We leaned into the duality of the campaign and found a new ‘AF’ twist to make a splash with young racing fans.” 

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A multi-generational Latin tradition, aguas frescas are delicious, fruit-based waters with a strong multicultural following. Minute Maid is leveraging its position as the country’s No. 1 fruit drinks/ades trademark to deliver a breakthrough entry into one of the fastest-growing segments of the ready-to-drink (RTD) juice category.

The brand, which was named a Nielsen Superstar product concept, fills a void for Gen Z, which until now hasn’t found a juice brand to quench its collective thirst for adventurous options with plenty of flavor but fewer calories. 

“Minute Maid is a 75-year-old American icon of fruit vitality that has deep ties to the Hispanic community,” said Luzio, adding that the leading juice brand is offered in more than 35 countries around the world. “With Minute Maid Aguas Frescas, we saw the potential to deliver not only a distinctively compelling product that meets consumers’ evolving tastes but also to celebrate Latin traditions in a culturally relevant way with modern, mainstream appeal.”

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Minute Maid Aguas Frescas is part of a broader strategy to revolutionize the Minute Maid trademark via disruptive, experimental innovation.

“Everyone loved the ‘Rapido AF’ imagery at the race,” Luzio concluded. “We received not only great comments from fans but also impressive social media coverage for our relentless efforts unapologetically experiment with brave and boundless experiences. The ‘Refreshing AF’ campaign is a unique and compelling idea with legs across the Coca‑Cola system and country—from Time Square to Texas Motor Speedway to the shelves of most major retailers.”