Bottles of clarity, renew, and tranquility flavored smartwater+

Introducing smartwater+, a New Line of Premium Wellness Waters With Unique Ingredients and Flavor Extracts


Since 1996, smartwater consistently has redefined hydration from the inside out by combining vapor distillation for purity with added electrolytes for crisp taste and iconic packaging. In 2021, smartwater will solidify its status as a premium water megabrand with the launch of smartwater+, a new lineup of infused hydration options featuring unique ingredient pairings and real flavor extracts tailored for specific wellness occasions.

Three smartwater+ variants, which will be available in select grocers and retailers nationwide beginning March 1, deliver unique hydration experiences:

- smartwater+ clarity, with ginseng and green tea extracts, for those looking to “plus up" moments of mental focus

- smartwater+ tranquility, with ashwagandha and tangerine extracts, for those looking to “plus up” moments of emotional calmness

- smartwater+ renew, with dandelion and lemon extracts, for those looking to “plus up” moments of revitalization

Premium water is a $2.3 billion category, with 100% of its growth coming from enhanced waters as consumers embrace an evolving definition of health and wellness, and an expanded role of hydration in their lives.

The smartwater team conducted research to identify the most important wellness routines in core consumers’ lives. From there, nutrition scientists determined which ingredients and flavors paired best with a particular wellness occasion, while keeping the pure, crisp taste of smartwater intact. The brand tested different combinations to bring the most premium and palatable pairings to market and, ultimately, pursued those that consumers loved.

Each smartwater+ option contains 10 calories and will be offered in a new 700-ml bottle with a translucent label and champagne-colored text and closure. Visit for more information.

In April, a 360-degree marketing campaign will promote the launch through traditional and digital advertising featuring brand ambassador Gal Gadot. “Wellness is an essential part of my life. And though elements of my wellness routine have evolved over time, I’ve found that staying present and staying hydrated are the most important components of feeling my best,” said the actress and businesswoman. “smartwater+ helps me do just that, enhancing my journey every step of the way.”

The smartwater+ rollout is the latest addition to the brand’s portfolio of premium hydration options, following the launches of smartwater alkaline, smartwater antioxidant and a line of four smartwater still flavors inspired by the growing popularity of lightly flavored, fruit-infused spa waters (cucumber lime, watermelon mint, strawberry blackberry and pineapple kiwi).