Sprite Limelight

Sprite and James Blake Shine ‘Limelight’ on Diverse Artists Who Use Their Music to Beat the Heat


Sprite Limelight launches this summer as the music and cultural extension of “Heat Happens”, the new global brand platform unveiled earlier this month.

The brand tapped Grammy-winning producer James Blake to craft a lyrical hook rooted in keeping life’s “heat” at bay (“On the horizon/temperature’s rising/If there’s anyone who can take this on, I’m the one”). Three distinctive global artists—American rapper Coi Leray, African singer-songwriter and social media sensation Omah Lay, and Chinese pop/rock singer Hua Chenyu—used the hook as inspiration for their own original songs, reinterpreting the musical starting point through their respective creative and cultural lenses. 

Original tracks and artist-curated playlists will be available on Spotify, and documentary-style music films will live on the Sprite YouTube channel and shine a light on the artists’ stories of overcoming moments of heat through their music. 

Sprite hand-picked the artists for their individuality and collaborative spirit, as well as personal stories of staying cool in heated moments. 

“They all have something unique and special to say,” said Joshua Burke, Senior Director of Global Music and Culture, The Coca‑Cola Company, adding that more artists will join the platform in the coming months. “We were looking for fearless artists with strong personalities and points of view, anchored by their creative talent and musicality. Sprite has always championed self-expression and authenticity at its core, so we’re taking a very purposeful and respectful approach to ensuring all Limelight content and storytelling remains true to our partner artists.” 

Blake was the perfect choice for the program’s creative anchor, Burke said, based on his credibility as both an original artist and genre-spanning producer of some of the biggest names in music. 

“I’m honored to partner with Sprite on the new Limelight program,” Blake said. “It’s an incredible chance for me to support artists around the globe and help create something special. It’s inspiring to see each artist use their own individuality, creativity and culture to create a unique song that connects with millions worldwide.”

Sprite has longstanding ties to music, especially in the United States where the brand has been synonymous with hip-hop culture for more than three decades. As the brand’s first truly global music platform, Sprite Limelight aims to unite fans from different cultures and lifestyles in a way that’s both cool and relevant. 

“Sprite Limelight provides a unique opportunity for fans to experience new music, through one hook reimagined three different ways. It also offers a window into the way they make music, as well as their own personal experiences—connected to our core brand philosophy—of staying cool in those moments when life’s heat feels intense,” said Shrenik Dasani, Sprite Global Brand Director. “In bringing very different artists from around the world together around one musical expression based on a shared life experience, we hope to connect music fans across cultures and borders.” 

Sprite Limelight was created in collaboration with Universal Music Group for Brands and the program supports Sprite’s new global brand narrative, Heat Happens, that positions the brand as the drink that helps you cool down in the face of every day heated moments.    

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