Statement from Alfredo Rivera on Georgia Voting Legislation


Last week controversial Georgia voting legislation was signed into law. While we are disappointed in the outcome, we don’t see this as the final chapter.

Voting is a foundational right in America, and we will continue to work to advance voting rights and access in Georgia and across the country. Throughout Georgia’s legislative session, our company partnered with a broad coalition to engage with lawmakers from both political parties to express our concerns.

As soon as Georgia’s legislature convened this year, our company joined with other Georgia businesses to share our core principles: We opposed measures that would seek to diminish or restrict voter access and we advocated for broad access, voter convenience, election integrity and political neutrality. Anything that inhibits these principles can lead to voter suppression. We took these steps because they align to our Purpose and the conscience we follow.

Last year, we introduced our first-ever company Election Day holiday in the U.S. and support nonpartisan get-out-the-vote campaigns across the country. We will continue to push for greater access to voting through advocacy at the federal level, where we expect to see more proposals this year aimed at expanding voter access. We will also continue to press for improvements to Georgia’s election laws in future sessions.  

You may see comments and calls for protests and boycotts of our state and our company. We have never wavered on our point of view and we have and will continue to meet with a wide array of stakeholders inside and outside of Georgia to hear their views, work together, and advocate for greater voting access. We will do this because it is the right thing to do and will help create a better shared future for everyone.

Voting in our country is a sacred right and duty, and we recognize we have a responsibility to protect it and promote it.

- Alfredo Rivera, President, Coca‑Cola North America Operating Unit