Coca-Cola and IOC "I Belong Here" campaign for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

‘I Belong Here’: Joint Coca‑Cola/IOC Digital Platform Shows Why the Olympic Games Are for Everyone

The platform brings fans co-branded digital experiences promoting shared values of both organizations: diversity and unity.


The Coca‑Cola Company and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) are teaming up to promote their shared values and introduce Gen Z fans to the Olympics through the “I Belong Here” digital platform launched ahead of the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games. “I Belong Here” is aimed at celebrating diversity and inspiring a new, younger generation with the belief that, no matter who they are or where they come from, they can find their place in the Olympic community.

“Whether you’re an athlete, a volunteer, a fan or a first-timer, there’s a place for you to express yourself and get involved here,” the digital film kicking off the “I Belong Here” platform proclaims.

“I Belong Here” includes a series of co-branded digital experiences promoting diversity and unity. Fans can create a personal digital banner illustrating their values and identity through the “My Flag Belongs Here” tool. Additional activations include “My Story Belongs Here” Instagram filter and “My Style Belongs Here” feature enabling users to “recreate” iconic Olympic moments with graphics and fun flair.

Coca‑Cola & International Olympic Committee Partnership

The Coca‑Cola Company is the longest continuous sponsor of the IOC, dating back to 1928.

“For nearly a century, we have shared the same core values of friendship, respect, inclusion, integrity and excellence with the IOC,” said Brad Ross, VP, Global Sports & Entertainment Marketing and Partnerships, The Coca‑Cola Company. “Our ambition is to extend beyond traditional ‘Presented by Coca‑Cola’ digital marketing efforts and create a collaborative, always-on platform. ‘I Belong Here’ is an articulation of our longstanding partnership and an invitation to the rest of the world to embrace these values.”

”All Flavors Campaign” Highlights Diversity and Inclusion

The theme of diversity and inclusion extends to the “All Flavors Welcome” campaign, which highlights the breadth of The Coca‑Cola Company’s beverage portfolio. Banner ads and other digital content featuring Team Coca‑Cola Olympic and Paralympic athletes will promote Coca‑Cola, Minute Maid, smartwater, FUZE Tea and POWERADE, and link to the “I Belong Here” platform.

Three friends gaming and drinking bottles of Coca-Cola Zero Sugar

This will be the company’s first-ever Olympic campaign to highlight the full range of beverages offered to suit all tastes and lifestyles—from sparkling soft drinks and juices, to sports drinks and teas, to enhanced waters. The “All Flavors Welcome” message aligns with the inclusive and progressive theme of ‘I Belong Here’. Just as the IOC is hoping to attract new generations of Olympic fans through sports like skateboarding, surfing and freestyle BMX—and through authentic, relevant programming and content—The Coca‑Cola Company hopes to build awareness of both the beverages it offers and the principles it stands for.

Consumers can scan specially marked packaging of Coca‑Cola products to unlock unique digital stickers. And a partnership with Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, The Official Video Game will tap into the core Gen Z passion point of gaming by pitting Team Coca‑Cola athletes against high-profile gamers in the ultimate battle for virtual gold.

The Living Olympic Award and Featured Heroes

Finally, the #LivingOlympic award will showcase nine heroes—nominated by Team Coca‑Cola athletes— who have embodied the joint values of The Coca‑Cola Company and the IOC over the last year. Fans can learn about the nominees and cast their vote on the “I Belong Here” hub, and the winner will be announced publicly..

“Our aim is to create a closer connection with people around the world through Olympic channels—to engage fans and attract new followers, not only during the Olympic Games, but also in the period between each edition of the Games,” said Christopher Carroll, digital engagement and marketing director at the IOC. “We have a longstanding partnership with Coca‑Cola, but we have now started a people-centric Olympic journey together to build on what we have started with ‘I Belong Here’ to collaborate and develop experiences that will inspire the next generation of Olympic fans. Our great collaboration is based on the commitment to digitally connect faster, higher, stronger—together with all fans and consumers.”