Brita Filter and Halle Bailye attend vitaminwater x Mercury in Retrograde

Even When Mercury’s in Retrograde, vitaminwater is Ready to ‘Nourish Every You’


vitaminwater delivers nourishment and a positive boost in multiple ways, even during the tumultuous times of Mercury in Retrograde. That’s the message of the brand’s “Nourish Every You” campaign, which kicked off May 28 with a cheeky activation in Brooklyn

Mercury in Retrograde, which runs through June 3, is a time when people may experience more chaos than normal. The cloud-shaped, cotton candy-colored shelter provided extra nourishment, both physically and mentally, during this time of instability and unpredictability with six interactive experiences paired with correlating vitaminwater flavors:

- vitaminwater energy (with 60mg of caffeine to improve alertness)

- Led by celeb choreographers Dnay B, backup dancer to Queen Bey herself, and Debbie Attais, founder of Dancorcism (a form of dancing energy work), visitors learned the latest TikTok dances in a vibrant, bright yellow space.

- vitaminwater ice (with chamomile and l-theanine for when you need a zen moment)

- Fans soaked in the calming ambiance of a spa room as gradient cool tones and essential oils diffused into the atmosphere, with healer Mel Rio leading breathing exercises and a sound bath. 

- vitaminwater gutsy (with prebiotic fiber to help promote gut health)

Thirsty passers-by shared their truth by sending a gutsy proclamation in an artful installation, providing a much-needed feeling of triumph against the weighing storm of Mercury in Retrograde. 

- vitaminwater focus (with b vitamins to support normal neurological function)

- Visitors ascended a path to mental clarity by literally shredding all worries, sending them away in a glimmering shower and letting go of what no longer serves them.

- vitaminwater xxx zero (with antioxidants to help combat free radicals)

- Consumers embraced their inner XXX in the red room, releasing the pressure of Mercury in Retrograde. Healing and sex expert Evguenia helped drinkers discover incredible self-love, intimacy and sensuality.

- vitaminwater shine (with biotin and vitamin a to help support normal hair and skin, health)

Guests from New York City lined up throughout the day to enjoy these experiences and newly transformed spaces. Influencers including New York Nico danced with the dynamic duo of celeb choreographers representing vitaminwater energy, while actress Halle Bailey and SNL star Ego Nwodim posed with drag queen Brita Filter radiating the essence of vitaminwater shine.

Drag queen Brita Filter styled attendees with a rolling rack of accessories in a pink paradise room featuring reflective surfaces and bomb lighting.

The vitaminwater x Mercury in Retrograde activation was part of the 2022 “Nourish Every You” campaign rolling out this summer. The new creative is inspired by research revealing that the brand’s core consumers want to take care of themselves, but are living with fluctuating physical, emotional and spiritual needs. 

halle bailey at vitaminwater mir

A national TV spot airing across cable outlets and streaming services kicks off the first phase of the campaign. “We’re setting the stage for more announcements this summer and disruptive brand experiences only vitaminwater can deliver,” said Jeff Fitch, group director, Active Hydration, Coca‑Cola North America Operating Unit. “vitaminwater changed the hydration category 25 years ago, and we’re always looking at new ways to innovate and maintain our status as a category leader.”

Now with 15 flavors, vitaminwater recently boosted its vitamin, electrolyte and other nutritional ingredients. For example, vitaminwater zero rise has additional zinc, vitamin A and 250% more vitamin C to help support a healthy immune system.