Guiding Principles Statement on Well-Being Scientific Research and Third Party Engagement


Since early 2016, we have begun to implement new guiding principles at our company, to better define how we will provide financial support for well-being scientific research and partnerships.

Our previous support of such research produced scientifically valid results, but we recognized an opportunity to avoid some of the questions that result when we are the sole funder.

Under our new guiding principles, we will not provide, either directly or through a third party (such as a trade association), all of the funding for well-being scientific research. We will instead provide financial support for such research only if a non-Coca‑Cola entity funds at least 50% of the cost.

As we continue to implement these guidelines across our system – we remain resolute in our commitment to being a more helpful and effective partner in the communities where we operate.

The Coca‑Cola Company