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As a global beverage company, we are focused on our entire packaging lifecycle and recognize our responsibility to help solve the global plastic packaging waste issue. We believe developing a circular economy—an economic system aimed at eliminating waste through the continual use of existing, valuable resources—is the most impactful way to address waste and climate issues created by packaging.

The Coca‑Cola Company's World Without Waste program is an ambitious sustainable packaging initiative that focuses on three key areas: Design, Collect and Partner.

Make 100% of our packaging recyclable globally by 2025.

Use at least 50% recycled material in our packaging by 2030. 

Reduce our use of virgin plastic derived from non-renewable sources by a cumulative 3 million metric tons by 2025.

Have at least 25% of all beverages worldwide by volume sold in refillable / returnable glass or plastic bottles or in fountain dispensers with reusable packaging by 2030.

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It should be easier to collect bottles and recycle than to throw them away. Our goal is to collect and recycle a bottle or can for each one we sell by 2030. Discover our 2021 progress toward this initiative.

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Solutions to the world’s plastic waste challenges can be best unlocked when stakeholders work collaboratively to create systems that enable positive change. Our partnerships bring people together to support a healthy debris-free environment. Check out our global partnerships from 2021 including The Ocean Cleanup and the Benioff Ocean Initiative.

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2021 World Without Waste Report

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  • Publication date: June 2022
  • Language: English
  • Number of pages: 24

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