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Grant Recipient Toolkit

The Coca‑Cola Foundation North America Grant Recipient Toolkit

Congratulations your organization received a grant from The Coca‑Cola Foundation! The content and assets below can help you share the news. Before launching any content regarding your grant, please send materials to your Foundation representative for approval.


Downloadable Assets



Digital Platforms

The Coca‑Cola Company and The Coca‑Cola Foundation are separate entities. If grants are provided via the Foundation, it is acceptable to tag company social handles, but the grantor should always be identified as The Coca‑Cola Foundation.  

Before launching any social assets mentioning The Coca‑Cola Foundation, please share for review/approval with your point of contact.



  • Wrong: “Excited to have received $100K from @cocacolaco for [Company Name] expansion project.”  
  • Right: “Excited to have received $100K from The Coca‑Cola Foundation for [Company Name] expansion project. @cocacolaco”  


Social Channels & Websites

Social Asset Templates

Press Release Guidelines

If a grant award recipient wants to distribute a press release, quotes from the company must solely be attributed to Saadia Madsbjerg, president of The Coca‑Cola Foundation. The Coca‑Cola Foundation does not issue press releases on behalf of grantees. 

  1. All external publicity and communications about The Coca‑Cola Foundation must be managed in coordination with your grant manager.
  2. The Coca‑Cola Foundation’s name is not interchangeable with The Coca‑Cola Company. All grants MUST BE attributed to The Coca‑Cola Foundation.
  3. The Coca‑Cola Foundation’s boiler plate must be included in all press releases (see Press Release Guidelines).
  4. The Coca‑Cola Foundation’s logo must be used when publicizing grants. Please adhere to The Coca‑Cola Foundation’s Visual Identity System for proper use of the logo.


The Coca‑Cola Foundation Boiler Plate: 

The Coca‑Cola Foundation: Established in 1984, The Coca‑Cola Foundation has invested more than $1.2 billion around the world to protect the environment, empower women to thrive, and to enhance the overall well-being of people and communities.