Empowering Citrus Farmers to Build More Resilient Futures

Empowering Citrus Farmers to Build More Resilient Futures

Brazil is home to the largest citrus sector in the world, with 3 out of 5 cups of orange juice produced in the citrus belt region within São Paulo and Minas Gerais states. Since 2019, we have helped fund the Fruto Resiliente initiative in Brazil to support small citrus farmers struggling to become more resilient and sustainable. The project is a collaborative partnership between The Coca‑Cola Company, The Coca‑Cola Foundation, innocent, Cutrale, Eckes-Granini, and Solidaridad. Together we are working to provide technical assistance for up to 480 smallholder farmers, helping them enhance their farming practices, including with soil, pest, and farm management.

For thousands of families in the citrus belt region, growing citrus is their livelihood. When Sandra Zanardi suddenly found herself a widow with an orange farm as her only source of income, she looked for help — and found it through Solidaridad. With on-the-ground training and online tools available at CitrosConecta, an online platform for sharing information and knowledge of citrus farming, Sandra was able to develop an action plan for the farm that equipped her to make informed decisions and to create long-term security for herself and her family.

“I wasn’t afraid to work the farm, I just didn’t know how. That’s where I found Solidaridad. That gave me the support and advice I was looking for. Today I feel more encouraged and calmer because of Solidaridad.” 

SANDRA ZANARDI, Citrus Farmer, State of São Paulo, Brazil


“We have already developed an action plan on the property. [Sandra] is always curious, watching our live streams and participating in the training. She’s empowering herself and making better decisions. We intend to pass that empowerment on to other producers: that it is possible.”

SELMA COELHO, Field Analyst, Solidaridad, State of São Paulo, Brazil

Impacts at a glance*:

- 32 municipalities impacted positively

- 201 farmers engaged and assisted by extension workers by 2022

- 480 farmers to be supported by 2024  

- 138 farmers trained through at least one in-person training or field day

*As of December 31, 2022

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