Enhancing Visibility Through the Power of Technology

Enhancing Visibility Through the Power of Technology

In a world of increasing migration, we are looking to technology to better address the inherent risks that foreign migrant workers face, even before their first day of employment. 

We partnered with impact technology firm Diginex to develop a new online model of human rights due diligence and ethical recruitment called the diginexLUMEN platform. After our early work with Diginex, consumer goods company Reckitt joined as a fellow partner. The diginexLUMEN platform collects, analyzes, and validates information about recruitment and working conditions in complex supply chains, helping companies identify risk in real time and focus their resources and remediation efforts where they are most needed. 


“The innovative platform we have created with Coca‑Cola, diginexLUMEN, enables us to continuously engage directly with supply chain stakeholders across the globe, including workers, to understand their recruitment journey and possible human rights concerns. Global supply chains are increasingly complex and dynamic, and effective due diligence across different regions and markets requires technology-led solutions and innovative partnerships.” 



Drawing on lessons learned, the platform evolved to include a multi-language, audio-enabled worker-voice tool, diginexAPPRISE. The tool allows companies to conduct digital worker interviews in the supply chain at scale and to identify and mitigate hidden risks. The platform uniquely benefits from triangulating information that is received from workers and management following self-assessment questionnaires.  In addition to providing greater flexibility and accessibility for workers with varying literacy levels, diginexAPPRISE helps protect their anonymity—allowing them to share their authentic experiences. 

The Coca‑Cola Company piloted the tool successfully in its operations in the Middle East, a region heavily reliant on foreign labor.  It has since begun pilots in certain markets in Southeast Asia as it evaluates impact and effectiveness more globally.  In addition to Reckitt’s use of the technology, we are proud that over 20 other companies are now using this platform to enhance their due diligence.

Impacts at a glance*:

- 746 farmer producers reached

- 528 worker groups mapped

- 9,440 workers impacted

- 363 labor intermediaries accessed

- Risk assessment conducted for 6 commodities across 13 cities, 35 districts, and 86 villages

*As of December 31, 2022

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