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Racial Equity in our Communities

Our duty to strive for racial equity extends to serving the communities we call home. Our plan outlines several ways we will help our communities, including support for hate crimes legislation, voter education, and contributions to partners and advocacy groups.

Taking a Stand

Recognizing our duty to strive for greater racial equity in our communities, the company and some of our brands are using our voice and our reach to promote racial equity.

Together we must start change, demand justice, admit we can do more, stand as one, right wrongs, listen and create a better future, end racism. And together, we will.

Media Spending

After a thorough review of our marketing spend, we recognize there is more we can do to support a more equitable media landscape. That’s why we’ve committed to spend 8 percent of our media budget on Black, Hispanic and AAPI media by 2024, nearly doubling our 2021 spend.

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Equal Access to Voting

We believe voting is a foundational right in the U.S., and we support a unified, bi-partisan effort to reauthorize the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

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Values-Driven Political Giving and Engagement

Our responsibility to help create a better shared future extends into our political contributions. We recently updated our nonpartisan political giving criteria to more explicitly take into account federal, state and local candidates’ actions and records on diversity, inclusion and racial equity, in addition to environmental sustainability, leadership and other categories that align with both our company’s values and business interests.


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Advancing Hate Crimes Legislation

Together with our bottling system, we are supporting change and embracing policies that matter, starting with publicly supporting legislation to increase penalties for crimes committed out of prejudice. We urged lawmakers in Georgia to pass a hate crimes bill in 2020, and now we are helping to build and support local coalitions to advocate for similar hate crimes legislation in states without such laws.

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Supporting our Community Partners

The Coca‑Cola Foundation and The Coca‑Cola Company support community partners that advocate for equity and strive to help empower youths, promote voter education, address criminal justice reform and inspire candid conversations. Together, we believe we can help create stronger communities. 

*Denotes donation from The Coca‑Cola Foundation

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