Racial Equity at our Company and in our Communities

There is no place in our world for racism. We believe we have a duty to strive for greater justice and equity within our own company and throughout society. After extensive reflection, we recognize there is more we must do. The Coca‑Cola Company has developed plans to help create a world that we know should already exist. It’s a beginning, and we won’t do it alone, but Together We Must build a better future. 

“Progress toward racial equity starts with us, our Coca‑Cola community. We have listened and learned and pushed ourselves to be bold in our thinking and planning. Our initial set of actions is aimed at driving progress and a supportive culture at our company and in our communities.”'

– Alfredo Rivera, President, North America Operating Unit

Our Action Plan

The Coca‑Cola Company assembled a diverse group of employees from different functions to create a plan that will help drive us toward our purpose to make a difference. The team identified actions to take both within our company and in our communities. 

At The Coca‑Cola Company

To achieve greater progress on racial equity at our company, we’re taking several actions, from enhancing our recruiting programs and promoting allyship to increasing our spending on diverse suppliers. 

Coca-Cola Headquarters

In Our Communities

Our duty to achieve racial equity extends to the communities we call home. We will work with government and business leaders, our partners, customers, consumers and employees to achieve greater progress. 

Racial Equity Community

Making of the Plan

We needed a different approach to create a different result. We tapped into the innovative thinking of various groups. The result is a detailed plan built with permanence in mind.  

Racial Equity Coca-Cola Plans

Our Racial Equity Plan At A Glance

Click here to see our Racial Equity Plan at a glance. 

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